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Reasons Why You Should Shop At Direct Vapor

The unprecedented popularity of electronic cigarettes has created a massive industry that is worth billions of dollars. It has also driven innovation with lots of new products being released every year. More companies are being founded to cater to this segment. Shoppers also have numerous choices when it comes to the stores where they can […]

Getting Your Vaping Products Dirt Cheap

Vaping is fun. It gives you the same rush as smoking but it has none of the problems. In fact, you are happy you’ve switched over to vaping. At present, you are using a tester kit that was gifted to you. It’s a good brand and you are happy with it but a quick browse […]

Finding Discounts On Vaporfi Products

You like e-cigs and that’s good. Vaping is a great way of getting your daily hit of nicotine without using the dangerous alternative. However, you’ve just started using e-cigs and you don’t really know where to buy your products from. You are also wondering whether you can get a discount on your regular purchases. You […]

Unveiling New Thoughts and Concepts

Dear reader, we appreciate your visit to the CEFPI group today. As you can see, we’re in the process of getting ready to launch some new and updated concepts to the website. In the following months, you will find a fresh new approach to news and reviews. We look forward to sharing our thoughts with […]