Reasons Why You Should Shop At Direct Vapor

directvaporlogoThe unprecedented popularity of electronic cigarettes has created a massive industry that is worth billions of dollars. It has also driven innovation with lots of new products being released every year. More companies are being founded to cater to this segment. Shoppers also have numerous choices when it comes to the stores where they can buy their e-cigs, cartridges, liquids, kits and accessories. In the past, there were just a handful of physical and online shops to choose from. These didn’t have the best service or site design. Now the competition is forcing everyone to step up. Direct Vapor has emerged as one of the leading stores thanks to the following:

The Best Brandsdirectvapor-review-summary

When you go to their store, you are greeted by all of the top brands in the industry. This is extremely important because quality issues have recently plagued the world of electronic cigarettes. The widely publicized news about exploding devices has may people worry about safety. Most of these are manufactured in China where quality control is not always the focus. Some manufacturers are extremely strict about quality and that’s part of the reason why their brands have gained the respect of e-cig enthusiasts. These are the ones that you will see on Direct Vapor’s virtual shelves. Make sure to get the Direct Vapor coupon before checking out.

Buy Wholesale

One of the best things about this online store is that they offer shoppers the possibility of buying wholesale. Most sites are restricted to retail which isn’t bad if you are really seeking to purchase items in small quantities. Those who are buying stuff for themselves should be fine with regular retailers. On the other hand, wholesalers open up a brand new world to explore. It allows individuals to purchase items in bulk for themselves and their friends while getting amazing discounts. Enterprising shoppers can also use this opportunity to start a business by reselling the items from the store.

Bundles Expertsmok-r200-directvapor-bundle_1_1-2

Another thing that distinguishes this shop from the rest is its focus on e-cig bundles. They are an excellent source for manufacturer’s kits. This makes them an ideal starting point for people who are new to vaping and are unsure how to proceed. Everything you need is already inside the package. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go. They also create their own bundles, picking some of the best options around and selling them for unbeatable prices. It is even possible for shoppers to make their own custom bundles. Select the items that you want to include with the many options presented.

Tons of Products

When it comes to this store, you will never run out of options. Direct Vapor is passionate about vaping. They have their ear to the ground so they know whenever any new product comes along. They are almost always one of the first ones to have these on stock for their regular shoppers. They cast a wide net as well. There is something out there for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced vaping enthusiasts. This isn’t just limited to the electronic cigarettes themselves. They also have a lot of e-juices for those who like to try different brands and flavors. There is no room for boredom with their extensive collection.

Free Shipping

Shopping at local stores can be frustrating because things are usually much more expensive than their online counterparts. You might be looking at the exact same product but there is a significant difference in price. This can certainly make you pause with your purchase. Buying things from the Internet, on the other hand, can be just as tricky because you have to consider the additional shipping fees. This is usually waived if you go beyond a certain amount so you are forced to buy in large quantities. This site does not impose any minimum requirements. Enjoy free shipping on all purchases.

Excellent Deals

Despite all these perks, the store is able to keep the prices low for their loyal customers. This keeps everyone coming back for more. The prices are simply hard to beat. Find excellent deals on e-liquids, MODS, starter kits, batteries, accessories, and much more. Visit their Deals of the Week section to see the latest bargains. You can also sign up for the mailing list to get instant notifications when new ones are announced.

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