Save Money While Purchasing Electronic Cigarettes And Accessories

Wise shoppers always look for options that allow them to save money while purchasing goods online. It might be getting one bottle of juice free for two bottles purchased or a special coupon containing a code that allows them to get an overall discount on their entire shopping from a particular online store. It is the same with e-cigs too. You can easily save money while purchasing electronic cigarettes and its accessories from online shops. Examine the home page of sites that sell e-cigs. More often than not, you will find discount offers over there on certain products, applicable if you avail of the offer within a certain date. Apart from this, you will find certain websites that specialize in offering e-cig coupons that you can use on several sites. The owners of these websites get a small commission for every customer who visits online shops selling e-cigs through their link. This helps:

The owner of the coupon website, as he earns money for every click on links posted on his website and an additional commission if people, visiting a site through that link, purchase the product.

The person purchasing digital cigarettes or its accessories as this method allows them to avail substantial discounts.
The owner of the store selling e-cigs since he does not have to spend money on advertisements to promote his website

How to get these discount coupons

You can obtain those coupons through several ways. The primary option is to check different websites selling vapes and its accessories like batteries, coils, and e-juice. If it does not have any special codes on its index page but offers you the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter, do so by filling up the requisite field with your email address and clicking the `submit button.’ You might find certain websites, selling e-cigs and its accessories, offering you an option to accept their `push’ advertisements. By doing so, you will observe a popup message about new offers on your browser as soon as the site owner launches them. You might also come across sites that contain neither e-cig coupons nor subscription options. You can rest assured that such sites offer discounts too… but not directly. They do it through websites dedicated to providing updated list of coupon codes for electronic cigarettes. The bad news is that owners of many such sites hardly bother to update their website with the latest information, and you are unlikely to the latest and working codes on them. This is why you should opt for a well-maintained site, updated every few hours with the latest offers. is amongst the leading sites where you can find e-cig coupons for Vaporfi, a leading brand of e-cigarettes and accessories.

Simply the best

This is, unarguably, one of the best sites, considering its friendly and organized layout. It’s right panel contains a list of pages where you canvaporfi find specific types of vapes and their accessories including:
Custom Vaporizer Builder
Rebel II

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as you will find many other models to choose from. The main page itself contains stunning discounts such as 12% perpetual discounts on various models. The moment you click the red button containing the words `get coupon’ a popup window will open confirming the activation of the coupon (you also have the option of printing the coupon) and your browser will be redirected to a page that contains discounts for that particular model. You will find variants of that model in different colors. If you move the pointer of your mouse pointer over the image, you will see a magnified view of it. Click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page to see a video review of that product.

More discounts

To spice things up, you will also find another popup on the redirected page that offers you special discounts on the product of the day. This deal lasts for 24 hours so avail of it immediately. You will also get the option to subscribe to the newsletter of the site by entering your best email and clicking on the `subscribe’ button. What makes stand apart from the others is that it provides you with comprehensive details such as the warranty period of the product, its return policy, link to the site’s customer service, and much more.

Reasons Why You Should Shop At Direct Vapor

directvaporlogoThe unprecedented popularity of electronic cigarettes has created a massive industry that is worth billions of dollars. It has also driven innovation with lots of new products being released every year. More companies are being founded to cater to this segment. Shoppers also have numerous choices when it comes to the stores where they can buy their e-cigs, cartridges, liquids, kits and accessories. In the past, there were just a handful of physical and online shops to choose from. These didn’t have the best service or site design. Now the competition is forcing everyone to step up. Direct Vapor has emerged as one of the leading stores thanks to the following:

The Best Brandsdirectvapor-review-summary

When you go to their store, you are greeted by all of the top brands in the industry. This is extremely important because quality issues have recently plagued the world of electronic cigarettes. The widely publicized news about exploding devices has may people worry about safety. Most of these are manufactured in China where quality control is not always the focus. Some manufacturers are extremely strict about quality and that’s part of the reason why their brands have gained the respect of e-cig enthusiasts. These are the ones that you will see on Direct Vapor’s virtual shelves. Make sure to get the Direct Vapor coupon before checking out.

Buy Wholesale

One of the best things about this online store is that they offer shoppers the possibility of buying wholesale. Most sites are restricted to retail which isn’t bad if you are really seeking to purchase items in small quantities. Those who are buying stuff for themselves should be fine with regular retailers. On the other hand, wholesalers open up a brand new world to explore. It allows individuals to purchase items in bulk for themselves and their friends while getting amazing discounts. Enterprising shoppers can also use this opportunity to start a business by reselling the items from the store.

Bundles Expertsmok-r200-directvapor-bundle_1_1-2

Another thing that distinguishes this shop from the rest is its focus on e-cig bundles. They are an excellent source for manufacturer’s kits. This makes them an ideal starting point for people who are new to vaping and are unsure how to proceed. Everything you need is already inside the package. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go. They also create their own bundles, picking some of the best options around and selling them for unbeatable prices. It is even possible for shoppers to make their own custom bundles. Select the items that you want to include with the many options presented.

Tons of Products

When it comes to this store, you will never run out of options. Direct Vapor is passionate about vaping. They have their ear to the ground so they know whenever any new product comes along. They are almost always one of the first ones to have these on stock for their regular shoppers. They cast a wide net as well. There is something out there for beginners, intermediate users, and advanced vaping enthusiasts. This isn’t just limited to the electronic cigarettes themselves. They also have a lot of e-juices for those who like to try different brands and flavors. There is no room for boredom with their extensive collection.

Free Shipping

Shopping at local stores can be frustrating because things are usually much more expensive than their online counterparts. You might be looking at the exact same product but there is a significant difference in price. This can certainly make you pause with your purchase. Buying things from the Internet, on the other hand, can be just as tricky because you have to consider the additional shipping fees. This is usually waived if you go beyond a certain amount so you are forced to buy in large quantities. This site does not impose any minimum requirements. Enjoy free shipping on all purchases.

Excellent Deals

Despite all these perks, the store is able to keep the prices low for their loyal customers. This keeps everyone coming back for more. The prices are simply hard to beat. Find excellent deals on e-liquids, MODS, starter kits, batteries, accessories, and much more. Visit their Deals of the Week section to see the latest bargains. You can also sign up for the mailing list to get instant notifications when new ones are announced.

Getting Your Vaping Products Dirt Cheap

Vaping is fun. It gives you the same rush as smoking but it has none of the problems. In fact, you are happy you’ve switched over to vaping. At present, you are using a tester kit that was gifted to you. It’s a good brand and you are happy with it but a quick browse around shows you that there are several new companies and brands on the market at present. You are contemplating switching over to a high-end brand or a gourmet liquid but you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily. What if you don’t like the product or you don’t want the kit? Is there any way you can discount your purchases or find vaping freebies online?

Of course, you can!
It’s the internet people and someone is always offering something for free online. However, most of this stuff is hidden away from subscribers and you have to be one savvy shopper to find the best deals. In fact, we’ve created just one such list for you. Take a look at our collection of vaping freebies that you can and should make use of.

Coupons — Now, everyone is familiar with coupons and how they work but finding the right coupons and discount deals is really You do need to find coupons and deals that are targeted towards vaping and they should be specific for a product. For example, Vapeworld has great Vape World coupon code deals listed on third party websites. These coupons are not for a specific product but they offer discount deals on vaping kits and liquids. The website also lists free shipping coupons for Vapeworld products. We recommend you sign up for three to five different coupon websites and set up alerts at all of them. Once you have set up alerts, the site will email you the coupons directly and you can use them on the parent website. In some cases, the discount code or link is only on the site. When you click on the link, you will be taken to the specific product page and the discount is reflected when you check out the product.

Cashback sites — Cashback sites are a great way to get discounts on your frequent purchases. They work on a simple idea. Instead of going directly to the retailer site, you visit the cashback site. Browse for vaping sites or manufacturer sites on the cashback site and click on them. When you do so, you are automatically tagged for the cashback deal. Most of the time, this kind of cash-return deal can also be combined with coupon codes and discount deals. You end up with quite a lot of money saved up for future purchases.

Manufacturers — Getting your product directly from the manufacturer is quite easy. Trader websites like Alibaba and Aliexpress list manufacturers and retailers from Asia and you can contact them directly. These companies usually have great products, kits, and deals for bulk buyers. You may not be buying in bulk but if you apply to the company, they are usually happy to send you samples, freebies, and coupons to raise publicity about their products.

Product packaging — Another good place to find coupons is directly on the product packaging. Before you throw out the packaging, check the back of the inserts. Many manufacturers place coupons, website affiliate links, and rebate forms in the packaging. These coupons usually have a limited period for recovery and they offer much better deals than other available coupons.

Buy coupons — eBay is a great place to find coupons as well. It’s illegal to buy and sell coupons but sellers can charge for the time they took to find and organize the coupons. As a result, almost every auction site will have bundled coupons for sale. You can get product specific coupons quite easily.

The Bottom Lineemail-coupons-300x290
The internet is a vast place and you will find great deals provided you search regularly. We also recommend you open an email account that is exclusively attached to freebie sites or coupon sites. This way you will be kept updated immediately about current deals and offers. No matter what kind of coupon or deal you find also, make sure you share it online with other readers so that they can also use these deals; and of course, switch over to a much healthier way of smoking.

Finding Discounts On Vaporfi Products

vaporfi-products_1You like e-cigs and that’s good. Vaping is a great way of getting your daily hit of nicotine without using the dangerous alternative. However, you’ve just started using e-cigs and you don’t really know where to buy your products from. You are also wondering whether you can get a discount on your regular purchases.

You are right to ask. Top line websites like Vaporfi usually offer great deals on their products for regular customers. But you have to remember a vital fact. As websites are based solely online, there have lower overheads. Moreover, these websites order their products from all over the world on a bulk discount. The websites are saving a ton of money on their inventory and most of them transfer the savings to you in the form of discount deals, coupons, and freebies.

Vaporfi is just like that as well. Even though it is an online site, Vaporfi stocks more than 30,000 liquid varieties, 10,000 starter kit variants, 15181163_926399224128825_8786035712013240609_nand even top-of-the-line vaping mods for basic and advanced uses. The inventory is huge but the site is filled with attractive discounts and wonderful products. For example, at present, the site is offering about 25% off on e-liquids along with a 10%-25% discount on a special deal of the week. The site also has special blending facilities in case you are interested in a unique liquid flavor and seasonal festive liquid blends as well. As the inventory is huge, the site also has a huge clearance section that is updated regularly with discounted products so don’t forget to check that out when you shop.

We know that you’ll probably become a patron once you see what Vaporfi offers. But you can get more if you are smart. In fact, that’s exactly what we want to share with you. We do have a few tips by which you can get great deals on your regular vaping supplies (even when you buy through Vaporfi) and we are happy to share them with you.

Coupons — Large retail websites usually have a regular base of customers. However, they also want to bring in extra or new customers to their websites. In an effort to do this, they usually offer special coupons to third-party couponing websites. For example, Vaporfi has great deals on the website but they also offer special Vaporfi coupon codes and deals on top sites like Groupon and AwesomeCoupons. In this case, we recommend opening an account with as many popular coupon sites as possible. Once the coupons are available,

Cashback sites — The process is simple. Cashback sites have a link back to Vaporfi. Instead of going to the Vaporfi site directly, go to any cashback site and open an account with them. Locate the link to Vaporfi and then click on it. Now you are redirected back to Vaporfi and you can do your shopping through this link. When you do this, you are automatically registered for the cash-back deal and money is credited to your account on the cash-back site. The savings can range anywhere from 10% to 25% of your purchase price.

Social media — Don’t forget to like and follow Vaporfi on social media sites. Vaporfi has a huge online presence and it loves to interact with regular customers through social media. When great deals become available, pings go out to all customers and followers on all their social media accounts. The site also holds flash sales, two-hour deals, freebie sample enrollments, etc. for new and old customers. Try to follow the accounts if you have the time or set up alerts so that you don’t miss out.

Seasonal sales — Vaporfi offers great pre-festive season sales around Christmas and New Year. It also offers great deals during Thanksgiving in the form of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The inventory during this period is huge and stock is refreshed every day. You could literally end up saving a ton!

The internet is a vast place and you will easily find a ton of freebies and deals from all over the world. Just make sure you check the fine print carefully before you actually go ahead and order anything. And don’t forget to share your deals with other vaping enthusiasts as well. After all, the more people who move over to vaping, the better for the rest of us.

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